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About the Coalition

The 1001 Critical Days Manifesto Coalition looks forward to a society where:

  • Every baby receives sensitive and responsive care from their main caregivers in the first years of life.
  • Parents feel confident to raise their children in a loving and supportive environment.
  • A holistic approach to all ante, peri (around 20th week of pregnancy to around the 28th day of life) and postnatal services enabling seamless access for all families.

Since the manifesto was launched in October 2013 we have; 36 Politicians/MPs, 6 Lords and Baronesses, 10 Public Health Bodies, 105 charities and oganisations, 143 All Party Parlimentary Group members and 300 individuals who have pledged their support for the 1001 critical days manifesto.

The manifesto seeks to engage organisations who have pledged their support, to create a relationship based ethos with a commitment to actively support and promote at a local and national level, the establishment of universal and specialist provision to offer relationship-based services, where appropriate to parents and their babies during the 1001 Critical Days. 

What some of our partners say

4Children Chief Executive Anne Longfield OBE said: “A child's first months are a vital time for their development and we know their experience then will have an impact for the rest of their lives.“That is why 4Children is supporting the 1001 Critical Days Manifesto. The early years must be a major policy priority as we approach the 2015 election and ensuring children get off to the best start is essential.

“There is now considerable evidence as to the importance of care received during pregnancy and the early years for the future health, wellbeing, development and life chances of children. This manifesto proposes a range of measures which, if implemented, would lead to better quality care for women and families and would give children the best possible opportunity to go on to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. The RCM commends this manifesto as making a powerful case for investing in holistic, preventative and seamless services so as to enhance the care that children receive during the first critical 1001 days of their life”. Professor Cathy Warwick, CBE, Chief Executive, Royal College of Midwives

“The evidence on the importance of the first 1001 days is beyond refute.  We now need to see expectant and new families receiving the investment and priority they deserve.  This campaign is fundamentally about prevention. It calls for long-term commitment and cross-party support. The prize will be to transform the life chances of a whole generation.” Chris Cuthbert, NSPCC head of strategy and development for under-ones

'Babies cannot speak up for themselves; nor do babies who need help have time to wait. The 1001 Critical Days’ vision is a crucial cross-party agreement that gives a voice to babies by articulating their needs while also providing clear guidance as to how babies may be helped within their own timescale to develop in the best possible way. Ignoring this message now means avoiding the opportunity to bring about a more positive future for a generation of vulnerable babies - and their children in turn.'

Dr Robin Balbernie – Parent Infant Partnership UK

‘If the coming together of MPs from across the house to endorse the manifesto leads to delivery of its recommendations in future policy,  our country could very quickly become a happier place in which to grow up.  The benefits will be enjoyed by all’.

Dr Cheryll Adams-Executive Director Institute of Health Visiting

'The 1001 Critical Days Manifesto crucially states that the health and early years workforce need high quality training in Infant mental health and attachment. This is vital for work with vulnerable and disturbed families. The workers also need ongoing supervision and support to prevent burn-out '

Dr Dilys Daws-Hon Consultant Child Psychotherapist, Tavistock Clinic

'The vision of the 1001 Critical Days Manifesto spans not only the period from conception to 18 months: it stems from the evidence-based premise that the wellbeing of the mother in pregnancy and of the intrauterine environment is crucial for the development of the newborn, through childhood, adulthood and into old age.'

Dr Susan Pawlby-Institute of Psychiatry

Coalition partners below:

121 Midwives

Address: St James Centre,344 Laird Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 7AL 
Tele: 0330 3309121

2020health is an independent, social enterprise think tank with a mission to 'Make Health Personal'. 

Address: 1st Floor, Devon House,171-177 Great Portland Street, London W1W 5PQ 
Tele: 077 2020 6910

4Children is the national charity all about children and families which runs Sure Start Children’s Centres and family and youth services across Britain, with a joined-up, integrated approach to children’s services to ensure children and families have access to the services and support they need in their communities. 

Address: 4Children, City Reach, 5 Greenwich View Place, London,E14 9NN 
Tele: 020 7512 2112