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1001 Manifesto Life Chances Edition

The 1001 Critical Days Manifesto was launched three years ago. Download the latest Life Chances Edition from the website.

Fri 11 Dec 2015 1001 Critical Days Debate in House of Commons

1001 Critical Days Debate in Parliament

On Thursday 17 December MPs will take part in a debate on a motion relating to the conception to ... more here

Fri 11 Dec 2015 Relaunch of the 1001 Critical Days Manifesto

The 1001 Critical Days Manifesto will be re-launching in Parliament on Monday 14th December to an invited audience of over 200 politicans, civil... more here

Wed 9 Sep 2015 1001 Critical Days: Conception to Age Two

1001 Critical Days Campaign

The 1001 Critical Days Cross-Party Manifesto was founded by Andrea Leadsom, Member of Parliament for South... more here